Skeptic appeal

Ok let’s play devil’s advocate! So, web 2.0 is good enough and the glass is half-empty; make that mostly empty. Here we go…

Web 2.0 takes most of criticism from its lack of standards and that it’s very hard to define… so most people see it as a buzzword. Others find that practically everything, on the web, invented after 2004 is deemed web 2.0.

Other points have been noted; such as it has no business models of association and that it’s nothing new; some people believe that web 2.0 has existed since 1995 where Amazon.con allowed users to write their own consumer guides.

We can’t really disagree with any of these aspects but we don’t see this criticism to be strong enough to dismiss the idea. After all, web 2.0 expresses an era of social and friendly web content / services.

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